Friendly Male and Female Doctors Isolated on a White Background.One of the most important practice decisions for a physician is choosing the right medical malpractice insurance protection. Proper Insurance for Medical Providers is a must. Without proper liability protection, a malpractice lawsuit could be financially devastating to any practice or facility.

Say a surgery goes a little wrong, or a procedure causes a patient some unprecedented mental fatigue. While your place of work might done everything in its power to prevent this, the client is still in a state of discomfort, and they might try to blame you.

A disgruntled customer filing a claim against your firm is no joke. Fortunately, this is where medical malpractice insurance comes into place.

By examining your malpractice insurance options thoroughly, you can rest assured that a stable medical malpractice insurance company will stand by you when you need it most. Malpractice Insurance is necessary for every physician’s specialty, group, or clinic.

Types of Medical Malpractice Insurance

To start, most states require your firm to have medical liability insurance to legally operate. That said, there are two different types of medical malpractice insurance to consider: claims-made and occurrence insurance.


A claims-made policy will cover your firm in the case of a suit that takes place while you’re still practicing and while you have claims-made insurance. It’s important to continually renew a claims-made policy with your insurer each time a suit is filed against you. If not, suits that occur outside of a renewed policy might not be covered.

Keep in mind that some suits can occur months or even years after the initial operation date, so it’s important to extend this coverage for a significant period of time, also known as the “tail” end of the coverage.


An occurrence-based policy will protect your firm from any malpractice suits filed against you while your insurance policy has expired. Say you’re no longer practicing, but a previous client attempts to sue. An occurrence-based policy would protect you against that.

However, keep in mind that this insurance is more expensive than claims-made due to its extensive coverage.

Most medical malpractice insurance doesn’t cover acts of the sexual or criminal kind. If your firm is purposely at fault for the issue, it’s likely you won’t be insured for it.

Independent Agency

Guardian Brokers is an independent brokerage made up of experienced agents who help physicians and facilities obtain all types of insurance, including Insurance for Medical Providers. We work with multiple medical malpractice insurance carriers and assist physicians in selecting the best insurance plans for their risks. Our agents design insurance plans with the client’s best interest in mind. Request quotes now to see how much money you could save every year on your medical malpractice insurance.

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