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Is your College Student Covered while Driving? Auto insurance coverage for your student

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There may not be any auto insurance coverage for your student if they drive a roommates car!

As parents send their kids off to college this fall they would be wise to have a discussion with their insurance agent about the the autos available to their student. Your college student away at school is still considered to be a ‘family member’ under the Personal Auto Policy and is covered while operating autos at school. However, there is an important exclusion in the personal auto policy that says there is no coverage if a vehicle is ‘furnished or available for the regular use’ of a family member. The example usually cited is the roommate that leaves her car keys for anyone to occasionally use the car.

Many students and parents are at the mercy of the insurance on the vehicle, if any, since the parents’ policy will not provide any coverage. Parents have been left to defend serious claims which have occurred when a student was driving a roommates vehicle on which the insurance had lapsed.

There is an endorsement commonly referred to as the Extended Non-Owned Coverage for Named Individual that may provide coverage.While it is routinely used for this type of exposure you need to discuss it with your agent to apply it properly. How your insurance company defines ‘household’ and the living arrangements of your college student need to be carefully considered.

If you have any questions about personal auto coverage please don’t hesitate to call.

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